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15 Unexpected, High-Tech Gift For Her

Don’t Forget Mothers Day- Sunday May 10!

Mother’s Day is the day to show your appreciation to all of those who’ve shown themselves to be a mum in your life. For as many types of mums that are out there, there are just as many ways to show them how much they mean to you via a High-Tech Gift For Her.

Mums are pretty much bound to say that they’re happy with whatever you get them, but don’t settle for flowers or chocolate. We’ve selected a few presents that might be a bit pricey but are definitely going to be appreciated.

tech-gifts-for-women-USB-bracelet_zps01d88335Swarovski-USB-BraceletVilja Swarwovski crystal USB bracelet.

You say, “Wow, that’s a gorgeous bracelet. We say, “Yes, it is. And it’s also a USB drive.” Just pop it open this Vilja Swarwovski crystal USB bracelet and plug it into your computer to retrieve all your data. Or to make it an extra special gift, add family photos and it’s suddenly a 21st century locket. Tech can be sentimental and stylish if you know where to look.  (Swarovski, $125).


Tassel charger keychain

Soon to be mtassel-charging-cable-keychain-1y new favorite accessory. Don’t  leaves home without a tassel charger keychain and therefore never be without a lightning charger. The orange (pictured here) is more neon than it looks, but it does look pretty fab. Or opt for the more subtle, stylish camel. Both are handmade and make a really awesome gift. (Photojojo, $59.99)



In the Bag –Empowered ($149 to $289)

Power tripping is a thing you probably (hopefully?) don’t have to worry with mom. And power won’t be something that trips her up either with the luxe leather line of Empowered totes and clutches, which are fashionable and charge your devices.



Jot It Down357206-jot-it-down

Equil Smartpen

Lists, drawings, and whatever other scribblings she does, whether on notebooks or napkins, can be saved to an iPhone or iPad if they’re done with the Equil Smartpen.


Fresh as a Daisy357202-fresh-as-a-daisy

Click and Grow
$79.95 to $129.95

No green thumb is necessary with the Click and Grow line. The small indoor gardens are a blend of the natural (a growth medium) and the new (software and sensors). Plug the pots in and fill them with enough water for a month and enjoy herb gardens, vegetables, strawberries, and flowers.

205811-2-brookstone-wireless-key-finderBrookstone Wireless Key Finder

If Mum can never remember where she placed the car keys, then Brookstone’s Wireless Key Finder will come to her rescue. She simply attaches the included key fob to her keychain. When she can’t find her keys, she presses the button on the wireless transmitter, and the key fob will answer with an alarm. Capable of locating keys up to 60 feet away, it sells for $49.95 (direct).


iLuv iSP100 Ultra Portable Stereo Speaker.

Mu205813-4-iluv-isp100-ultra-portable-stereo-speakerms love options, right? The iLuv iSP100 ($34.99 direct) is a portable 2-channel stereo speaker that connects to an MP3 player and comes in four color choices: black, pink, purple, and silver. The iSP100 measures just 2.13 by 5.51 by 1.38 inches (HWD) and comes with a carrying pouch.



205812-5-pac-man-hothead-potholderPac-Man HotHead Potholder

If Mum games more than you do, ThinkGeek’s Pac-Man HotHead Potholder ($14.99 direct) is definitely for her. This rubbery oven mitt is shaped like Pac-Man, with the game maze etched on the inside. It’s said to resist temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and fits your hand like a puppet.



iPhone-6-CaseiPhone 6 Case

This phone case is as classy as Mum. Case-Mate’s Mother-of-Pearl iPhone 6 Case($80) is crafted of genuine mother of pearl and leather. It’s not too delicate, though, as the case’s interior liner will keep her phone safe and resistant to any falls.




stylish-tech-gifts-swarovski-stylus_zps50c405f4Swarovski Stylus Pen

($35, Swarovski)
It converts from a regular pen to a touchscreen stylus, shimmering all the way. There are four beautiful colors but navy is chic all year round.


kindle_paperwhiteKindle Paperwhite

Does mum enjoy reading? Then she might like this Kindle device.

This easy-to-use, leisure device features a glare-free screen, making it great for outside. The battery lasts for up to 8 weeks, so don’t worry about being interrupted with a loss of power while reading a favorite book, magazine or newspaper. The very light Paperwhite has enough storage space for more than 1,000 books and is available from Amazon at $119.




CarAudio Connect FM With Bluetooth

This is a neat little toy.car_audio_connect

Make hands-free calls while driving and play music off of a favorite playlist on a phone through car speakers. The small, easy-to-use Belkin product will sync a phone and car whether blasting a favorite song or answering a call. ClearScan technology assures for the strongest FM signal possible to transmit songs and calls. The USB port on the power adapter allows a phone to be charged while it is still synced to the car. With just one button, it’s idiot-proof and costs $99.99 on the Belkin website.




GoPro Hero3

The real active mum in your life might enjoy this.

The smaller and lighter GoPro Camera model with built-in Wi-Fi and ultrawide-angle lens is great for recording when running, skiing, kayaking and more. The latest camera from the GoPro line features professional video and photo quality in a waterproof casing that is easy to wear. Share adventures in the GoPro App. The audio capabilities of the camera are also impressive with its wind-noise reduction technology. TheGoPro Hero3 is available on the GoPro website for $199.99.




Maybe mum is into movies and TV shows? Is there a series she’d like to get into or catch up on? Maybe she has a list of movies she’d like to see. Apple TV will give access to all of that, along with live sports, music, photos, videos and more.
Enjoy Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO GO, Watch ESPN, and dozens of other content providers. Even wirelessly connect an iPhone, iPad or Mac and go through the content on devices. Apple TV is being sold for $109 at the Apple Store.


ban_do_powertripBan.Do Power Trip

A small but convenient gift for mum, this 4-foot long cable is tethered for extra perfection and is much more resistant to ripping like other chargers. It is compatible for both the iPhone 4/4s and 5/5s and includes a wall plug and car charger. The affordable Ban.Do Power Trip charger is great not only for its fun colors, but its convenient length and durability.

It’s available on the Ban.Do website for $25.