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21 days until the End of XP (April 8 2014)



Microsoft is not supporting XP after April 8 2014 …

You may not realise, but as of April 8th, Microsoft will no longer be supporting for Windows XP or Microsoft Office 2003.

Although XP was a robust operating system that has given nearly 13 years of service, the problem for people who continue to use internet connected XP machines after support ends will be a growing number of security vulnerabilities that will not be solved by Microsoft.

After April 8th, Microsoft will not be supporting XP. This means there will be no new security updates, no security hot fixes, assisted support or online technical content updates on Windows XP and Office 2003.

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End of XP- PDF (Print)

End of XP-  PDF (Interactive)

After this date, there is sure to be a large amount of hacking attempts attacking any flaws in the operating system. As there will be no updates by Microsoft to fix these issues, this could leave your computers and your business as a sitting duck, even with security software installed…

 We are happy to assist with all your Microsoft Licensing and or replacing your devices which will soon be past end of life.

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