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7 Reasons To Stop Serenading Your Old Server And Find A New One You’ll Love!

27.10.15 - ServerReady to cut the ties with your old server and start fresh? If your server is over 4 years old, prevention is the only true cure for your woes. Take a look at these great advantages to upgrading your server before summer hits.

Think about it, your server is working 24/7/365 each year. It is safe to say, this is the hardest working piece of equipment in your business. A failed or breached server can be devastating leaving your company hanging and customers terribly unhappy. Here are 7 reasons to stop dancing around the problem and jump into a new server this quarter.

    1. You deserve a safe and reliable partner. In the past year has your security been threatened? Has your server gone down? If you just said “yes” and started counting how many times, your overdue for a new server. Downtime and security breaches can be very costly for your business. Not only are your employees unproductive, but you may lose data or incur costs to repairing your server and recovering your company information.
    2. You shouldn’t be kept waiting. Do you head for the coffee pot when you are uploading or downloading large spreadsheets or folders with information you need for work? If so, your server is slowing you down. You and your staff won’t have to wait when saving new files or retrieving information with a new server. The increased speed and efficiency will change the way you work.
    3. You need room to store what you want when you want. Running out of space for your shoes is one thing, you can just build a shoe rack or buy a closet organizer. A server isn’t that easy. Running out of space can slow down everything you use daily.
      No one should be limited on size with new technology available today. A new server will more than likely hold double what you’re working with right now. This type of expansion will not only give you more space, but increased efficiency too.
    4. Everyone loves a free lunch. No more Dutch dating. You could spend the extra money you will save in technical support with a new server on lunch each quarter for your entire office. While it won’t be enough for a T-bone stakes, you will see a dramatic decrease in security breaches and failures. A new server solution will extend greater security features than their predecessors.
    5. Compatibility. Over the past few years, many software companies have been gearing up for newly released server products. Most of them will follow Microsoft and stop supporting the older versions of their software pushing companies to upgrade. Stay ahead of the curve with compatible equipment for the software you love.
    6. Backing up could save you big bucks! Ok, we all know back-ups are important. All those files you save each day at work are invaluable. Now that there aren’t hard copies to reach for it is critical to have a good back-up of the data from your server somewhere preferably off-site in case of an emergency.

It may seem like a lot of stuff to store; trust me if it was all on paper it would take up your entire office. However, today back-up technology has evolved significantly so we’re able to offer massive storage solutions with little ramp up time and low monthly costs. Remember, your recovery after a disaster is only as good as the back-up you have available to restore your network.

  1. While there is no guarantee with love, your server should have a good warranty. A new server, comes with a new warranty. You will have server support from the manufacturer that can save you thousands if a hardware related problem arises.

Don’t forget support. Windows Server 2003’s end of support is July 14th, 2015. This end of support means increased support costs and security/compliance issues for many companies. If you are concerned about this July cut-off and have questions about options, give us a call today.

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