Forget the Tooth Fairy


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Are your office PCs slow, crashing and freezing up?
Are you haunted by pop ups and spam?
Is your PC acting so weird that you think it's possessed?

If so, these are all signs of a ill-maintained computer network that’s infected with spyware, viruses or corrupt files. If left alone, these problems could potentially evolve into a much bigger (and more expensive) problem!

Since National Tooth Fairy Day is today, we'd like to give you a FREE IT HEALTH CHECK as a way of introducing fast, friendly I.T. support services at no cost or risk to you!

We would like to think of ourselves as our little I.T. fairy Godmother! Smiley face

During this FREE IT Health Check we will do a comprehensive Network Assessment of your potential computer problems, security loopholes, spyware & other problems that will cause your technology to run slow, act funny, crash, and lose data.

Smiley face Diagnose slow, unstable PCs.
Smiley face Scan for hardware spyware, viruses or corruptions.
Smiley face Preform a quick “network tune up",
Smiley face Check your network's firewall and security settings,
Smiley face Validate the integrity and reliability of your data backup,
Smiley face Discuss a project or upgrade you are considering.
Claim your FREE I.T. Health Check!

Are you constantly dealing with downtime due to broken computers?

Try our no-obligation FREE IT Network Assessment Health Check with our 27-point problem prevention.

Forget the Tooth Fairy -
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