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Cloud and Hosted Solutions

Cloud and Hosted Solutions can simplify IT problems, lower costs and improve the remote access. It almost sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong.
Cloud and hosted solutions

It is very likely you have heard all about the hype over Cloud and Hosted Solutions and how it is “the next big thing”.

Yet, despite all the hype, no one really seems to understand what Cloud and Hosted Solutions are or how they can help your business.
As hurtful as it feels, we know that no one likes spending money on Technology. Although we all want our laptops, e-mail and applications secure, running fast and readily available 24-7, your friends aren’t going to visit your office and be impressed by your new server, and it certainly won’t provide you with any bragging rights.

So the question is:
How can you get the tools you need to work without spending a fortune?

By hosting your server, data and applications offsite (Cloud and Hosted Solutions), you free yourself from having to purchase, install and maintain your own in-house computer network. This means you are not required to buy a new server and workstations every 3-4 years to keep everything updated; all you need is an Internet connection and a web browser and your cloud provider does the rest.