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We understand that your passion
may not for IT- but that’s okay!

You may not have the time or patience to deal with that computer that is driving you nuts, but you definitely do not want to deal with “computer guys” who talk to you in geek speak.
(Which you don’t understand… and you are pretty certain they don’t either!)

That’s where Black Knight IT can assist!



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Who is Black Knight IT?


Instead of talking over you and pressuring you into decisions, our experienced IT support technicians will discuss your options
(in plain English: no tech jargon)!


Our relationships focus on a continuous cycle of consulting > implementation > support. Since your business needs and technology constantly change, Black Knight will need to periodically review the role of various systems and processes within your company. By going about and conducting some regularly scheduled consulting engagements, Black Knight will better understand the challenges your organisation faces and address these issues in a timely manner. Never again will you feel like we are talking over your head or wasting your time with concepts that you simply do not understand. Often in the tech world there is a lot of options, and we want to best fit a solution to you, your staff, your business goals and of course your budget.