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Proactive Maintenance| Business IT Solutions

Black Knight has a unique method to fix your computer problems: Mind Reading…

 (Stay with us here: we are only slightly exaggerating…)


crystal ball

Put away that crystal ball and let Black Knight provide your organisation with Proactive Maintenance. Not only do we have software able to constantly monitor your network and PC, as well as sending support technicians out on site to preform checks, scans and general maintenance regularly. We also encourage all of our clients to inform us of impending problems as soon as possible.

As a result, we know exactly when a computer problem is coming and can put procedures in place to stop it, offer remote support, or send a technician out to fix it. Immediately.

emphasis proactive maintenance

That is simple.

Often, we find it’s not enough to fix the immediate problem. There is usually an underlying problem that has caused the issue. Sometimes,  a ‘Band-Aid’ solution is required: but we would much prefer to analyse each event to understand the underlying problem and ensure there are procedures and processes in place to prevent the problem in the future.

Typically, our clients are paying us a fixed monthly fee under a plan that is sometimes referred to as managed IT services. We want your network running perfectly at all times: to be honest, we make more money when our clients’ systems are working than when they don’t!

Making the right technology decisions at the proper time can make your business successful: leading to increased profitability and efficiency. However, making the wrong decisions, or even the right decisions at the wrong time can become a massive drain on your resources.


we will


Meet with you on a regular basis to learn about your business: We want to know what you do and understand your challenges, budget and technical expectations to make sure we are delivering what you want instead of what we want you to have.


We always try to work pro-actively to prevent: downtime, data loss and other disasters by monitoring your computer network, instead of reacting when problems become apparent to you and your staff.

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Give you a 100% Guarantee: for every recommendation we make and stand behind it.



If you are looking for a managed services provider who will not only keep your computer systems running, but will be part of your team as well as keep your best interests in mind, give Black Knight IT a call.