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Why would you choose Black Knight?

That’s simple! Join the growing number of businesses throughout Australia that depend on us to set up and support the technologies and computer systems that help them run businesses efficiently and successfully.

We work most efficiently and effectively when we assist clients who:

– Have resolved to invest in technology to get rid of manual tasks and enjoy clearer communication in their Computer Networks and Communications.


– Are aware that technology is a valuable tool for boosting productivity and gaining competitive advantages.


– Need IT Management Services that are secure and reliable for their company’s computer networks.


– Look for an advisor they can trust as their technology partner so that they can improve productivity and make more profits through professional network and IT support.

top reasons why

Black Knight IT :
 track record

… has a proven track record: 
We have been building a very loyal client base since 2001 in an industry where firms come and go. We value our long-term relationships with key vendors: which translates into excellent support and advice for our clients.

 technical expertise

… has a wealth of Technical Expertise: 
Black Knight only hires full-time, experienced technicians who know what they are doing and can get it right the first time.

 business experience

… has real business experience: 
Black Knight understands not all businesses are the same. That is why our first step is always to get to know your business, your expectations, IT services expectations and a budget. This brief understanding of your business structure and internal reporting systems we can tailor a technology solution specifically for your business to maximize your technology ROI.

 proactive support

… has proactive support to prevent problems:

Our proactive support plans aid in the prevention of lost time, data and other disasters from taking place instead of watching it go up in smoke. We can monitor your computer network 24/7, which allows us to identify and resolve many potential issues before they become critical problems.


… has accurate billing:
Every bill you receive from Black Knight is guaranteed to be accurate and detailed. You will know exactly what you are paying for and ALL charges will be pre-approved by you. Never again will you receive those one-line “mystery” bills that don’t outline what you are paying for.


… respond quickly:
A live person will answer your call, and emergency response time is one hour or less. We also utilise the latest remote support technology which allows us log in to your computers remotely and address many issues without the need to wait for a technician to arrive on-site.


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