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Is your Security all Covered?

Most people think, if they have Antivirus in place and they are on a network with a Firewall, they are safe. This is a false sense of security.

Everyone is responsible for security.  With the volume of computers and devices that connect to your network, it is important to implement specific rules to keep your company safe. Any computer that connects to your network should be scanned for viruses, updated and patched before diving into your workplace.

Proactive or reactive.  Even one unpatched computer connecting to your network can introduce nasty viruses, malware or other security threats to your entire office. Stabilizing your network after a virus has been triggered can take a significant amount of time, money and resources. Take a proactive approach by implementing standards for all equipment in your office.

Patches, updates, and monitoring.  Keep your company protected with proactive support. Our managed service agreements offer patching, updates and monitoring in one package so you can get back to what really counts, your business! Give us a call today for a quote.

If you prioritize security of your IT equipment and properly manage them, security can truly be a non-issue. If you’d like additional assistance with your virtualized infrastructure or would like to implement a new virtualization solution, give us a call today.