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Are you prepared for Storm Season?

Disaster Preparedness Week
(Get Ready Week)

Are you prepared for a disaster?

Only one in five Australians are prepared for a disaster.

Disasters can strike anyone, anytime and being prepared is the best way to ensure the safety and wellbeing of you and your family, and your business.

Independent research commissioned by Red Cross shows that only one in five Australians is prepared for a disaster.We are heading into that time of year again in Queensland, where the heat of a sub-tropical spring creates perfect conditions for severe weather events such as moist air currents, electrical storms, cyclones & flooding. While 2014-2015 is not expected to bring the heavy deluges of rain seen previously (eg Nov 2011), we are still bracing for impressive electrical storms & their damaging winds plus the possibility of cyclones in the north of the state, so now is a great time to get ready.

You have probably already heard stories about someone who has had a minor or catastrophic issue with their computers right after a weather storm or power fluctuation. Or you may have had this happen to your own computers in your home or office. Power protection is a vital disaster prevention step for your computer and networking environment in home applications, home offices and especially in business environments.There are a broad number of power and surge protection equipment available on the market with other equipment available for different types and sizes of computer and network scenarios.

Do you need some assistance to prepare?

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The QLD Government is running a Get Ready preparedness program (Get Ready QLD http://getready.qld.gov.au/) and many of State Emergency Services (SES) volunteers are out and about at various education displays. Australia is very lucky to have such a strong volunteer response force in the SES, who are well trained and well equipped. However, it is still a very low SES to households ratio and people need to make sure they are as prepared and as resilient as possible.
It’s storm season! Are your computers ready?

Here is 4 reminders to best protect your computers and other electrical equipment during this storm season…

1. Use a proper UPS/Surge Protector:
We spend thousands on our computers looking after our business data and want them running all the time. Investing uninterrupted power supplies or surge protects is a smart move.

2. Properly protect Telecommunications Links:
Although the days of dial-up Internet have long passed, telephone connections (RJ-11 standard) are still widely used on computers, printers and fax machines for many applications. Unlike a network cable (RJ-45) telephone lines are prime culprits for electrical damage or allowing an entryway for electrical interference. Be sure that your surge protection has the proper options and configuration for isolated protection of incoming telephone or fax connections..

3. Maintain Proper Insurance:
Although having proper surge protection is essential, there is still “always” the chance of electrical, water or even fire damage to your valuable equipment.  In these cases, the proper insurance is the necessary evil: and can help provide you with compensation for your equipment losses or possibly assist get any IT related services that are essential for your business to get back up and running as quickly as possible.

4. Backup. Then Backup again:
External hard drives are a great last line of defence. Nowdays, you can even get own dedicated backup software (backs-up once a week) this is the minimum option you should be maintaining for your software / data. You should also consideir some sort of offsite or cloud backup: just in case.


If you are in need of some better power and surge protection equipment at your office or home or are after some advice regarding risk management of your IT equipment, Black Knight will be happy to assist you with a free in-depth risk assessment to find out any potential risks or problems you may face. We will match you up with the right solution so you can sleep easy during the storm season.