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What makes a good keyboard

Like new cars and smartphones, new keyboards are also initially alluring enough to elicit everyone’s oohs and ahs. But as their novelty fades, it’s easy to start taking them for granted. Is typing on them slower than before? Is the gaming experience they deliver no longer up to par? Whether for leisure or business purposes, good […]

Friday Funny 2.12.16

Bring your own device #BYOD to the next level! 📱 🖥 💻 🚗 ☎ #fridayfunny

Friday Funny 25.11.16

I think we all have felt like this at times… 📱 #fridayfunny #phone #tehtip

Improve searches with these Google tricks

During the pre-internet era, locating a document or verifying a fact took countless hours, if not days. Now with smartphones and search engines, it takes less than a second to do the same. However, new tech comes new expectations, ones that demand lightning-fast efficiency. We want our information quickly, yet all we give Google Search […]

Friday Funny 18.11.16

The IT #security prayer. #fridayfunny #techtip #security