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Mobile phone tethering options

iPhone_May26_BThe smartphone is one of the most desired must-haves in business. And because of the desire or need to be able to access certain features, many users choose the iPhone because it is user-friendly and has a lot to offer. Whatever device you use, a basic requirements has to be the ability to go online. However, yet there is one way that devices can connect which many users do not know about, and that’s tethering.

Tethering defined

Tethering, mobile devices is the act of connecting your phone to another phone or another device, so that the Internet or data connection can be shared. Your iPhone can either share its data connection with another device, or have that device share its connection with your phone, allowing you to go online.

USB connection

A USB connection allows you to connect directly to your laptop without draining your phone’s battery. It is a way to connect securely and browse Web pages faster than other types of. However, It can drain your laptop’s battery since this connection instantly charges your iPhone.

USB also minimizes movement and device connection since you are plugged into your laptop and the wire won’t let you go anywhere too far. Be sure to bring your laptop’s charger and that you leave your phone somewhere safe should you need to step away from your computer.
Tethering your device via USB connection promises a fast and secure connection.

Bluetooth connection

Bluetooth connection receives the slowest signal from an Internet modem by far. On the other hand, the wireless connection allows users to move freely and preserve battery life longer than with WiFi connection. The trade off here is better battery life at the expense of slower Internet speeds.

If you forgot your USB cable and can’t seem to connect through WiFi, then your last resort would be to connect through Bluetooth to connect to the Web, which is better than having no connection at all.

WiFi connection

Wireless LAN connection can be best set up through WiFi because it receives data speed far faster than Bluetooth. This ensures a faster connection and maximum mobility as the wireless connection enables you to move freely within the signal range.

The down side of WiFi, though, is its ability to empty your battery in the shortest time. This type of tethering can drain your battery faster than any other, so make sure that when you use your WiFi to connect to a hotspot, you are either fully charged or you bring your charger with you.

The ability to connect anywhere using another device can make your online life easier and more convenient. Through this, you can check important Web updates such as email, online documents, and access other Web data without having to pay through data plans.

Whichever option you choose in getting your device connected, what’s certain is the value you’ll get from it will outweigh its cost. Maximize your phone’s capabilities through tethering and say goodbye to your life offline.