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Google+ gets premium features

GoogleApps_June23_ASocial media has become such an integral part of so many organizations and their marketing initiatives. Many companies go so far as to use social media platforms like Google+ as an in-house solution for modern communication and team building. In order to make Google+ even more viable for businesses, Google has recently announced a number of key updates aimed at enabling this.

In mid June, Google announced that they had implemented a number of new premium features for Google Apps users who use Google+. These so-named ‘Google+ premium features’, could prove to be just what businesses are looking for, especially when it comes to establishing internal social networks that are for your employees only.

About Google+ premium features

If your business uses Google Apps and Google+, and you are the admin for your business, you may have noticed an extra option in the past half year or so labeled premium features. These features were tested by select Google Apps users, and proved to be successful. So much so in fact that Google has announced that premium features are now turned on for all new Apps users, with existing users getting them by mid July at the latest.

The goal of these features is to enable a more customizable social media platform for businesses who may want to create and maintain a secure internal social network with users who can also join an external network or work group.

In a broad sense, these features influence two key aspects of Google+:

  1. Control options – With these features admins have greater control options over employee accounts. For example, you can set it so that all posts are shared only with your domain and made inaccessible to outside users. You can also set it so that certain employee profiles will not show up in public search results. Essentially, these features give you better ability to tailor how your business uses Google+, and the overall security of the network.
  2. Hangouts – The biggest boon this set of features offers is the ability to host larger hangouts and video calls – up to 15 users on the same call (instead of the normal 10). Users can also initiate or join a Hangout right from Google Calendar, email invitation or a URL. You can also set the privacy level of Hangouts to ensure that they can’t be accidentally opened to the public, ideal if you need to discuss sensitive information or projects for example.

Activating premium features

If you are an administrator for your company’s Google Apps account, then you can enable these features by:

  1. Signing into your Google Admin panel. This can be accessed by typing ‘admin.google.com‘ into the URL bar in your browser.
  2. Clicking on Other Google Services followed by Google+.
  3. Scrolling down to the premium features section and clicking on Enable Google+ premium features.
  4. Clicking on Sharing Settings and modifying or enabling the different premium features.

If you are looking to learn more about using these features or Google+ get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

Why save addresses in Google Maps?

GoogleApps_May13_AGoogle Maps is a great tool for businesses and individuals alike. With Google Maps you can save relevant addresses to your Google account and head out without a hint of worry since you can pull these directions on your phone. As a business person you can send routes to clients by sharing maps through email, and also be included in the business listings should a customer look for an address nearby. To be able to benefit from Google Maps check how you can save your addresses through the guidelines below.

Signing-up to a Google account

You have to create a Google account in order to be able to save your home and work addresses in Google Maps. This account can be used for all of Google’s services, like Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Maps, and all other Web tools under Google. After you have signed up, log into your account to save your home and work addresses.

Adding your home and work addresses

Open Google Maps and click My Places. From this page, click either Set home location or Set work location and type in your complete addresses to be able to access these on every device.
Hit Save.

Sharing your addresses with colleagues

Many businesses deal with clients from different geographical locations and it is useful to use Google Maps to send out your business location so that they know exactly where you are. You can share your location through email and text messages or even send to a number of GPS devices for easy navigation.

Opening Google Maps on your device

As stated, you should be signed into your Google account to access your saved places as well as your home and work addresses. Open Google Maps and click the address you would like to share. This will show the specific location of your home and work address.

Sharing your addresses in two ways

Once you have opened Google Maps and clicked on the location you wish to share, click the link icon on the left corner of your window. This shows you two ways to send your address. Firstly, you can opt to send the address directly through the Short URL provided by hitting Send. You have options to choose where you want to send it through several mediums.

Secondly, you can copy and paste the code provided just below the Second URL. Choose Paste in HTML to embed in website option and your location will appear on your company website, your personal blog or other sites you would want to share it on.

Whatever your purpose, the accessibility of having your addresses saved in Google Maps can be useful. Through this, you can work and provide directions to business associates, family members and friends, wherever you are.

If you are looking to learn more about Google Maps and how it can be used in your business, contact us today.