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Google Maps Pac Man April Fools’ Day

Surprise! Pac-Man is munching away on Google Maps this April Fools’ Day

Happy April Fools’ Day, everyone!

If you log into Google Maps today on your PC or mobile device, you’ll be able to turn city streets into a PAC-MAN gameboard.

That’s right, Mr Yellow Munchy and his weird blobby frenemies are back, complete with irritating siren sound effects, 8-bit cherries and magic dots.

The game works just about anywhere – even on your home street, depending on where you live.1427845447801

Just click a location, click the PAC-MAN icon in the bottom left corner of the screen, and it will either go straight into game mode or tell you “there aren’t enough streets”. Pan and zoom around a bit though and you can find somewhere suitable; or, click “I’m Feeling Lucky” and let Google direct you.1427845447801 (2)

We tried it out on the game in major Australian cities, including a suburban area in Adelaide full of cul-de-sacs that Google Maps couldn’t quite transpose properly. The result was PAC-MAN teleporting from street to street.

Google said more clues as to the best places to play would be up “soon”, but warned pac-fans to “eat the pac-dots fast, because this game will only be around for a little while”.

Happy munching!



Update – Challenge Accepted!:

Google Maps Pac Man April Fools’ Day decided the map around the Black Knight Office was not challenging enough for us nerds. So they increased the difficulty.

Challenge Accepted Google- GAME ON!

(This photo may have been edited to reflect the offices position as well as our max score. Obviously, we do not have any proof of said score other then this edited photo as computer shut down, and we had a blackout and a cyclone hit us all at the same time. We may also be telling tall tales here- but Google really did hit us with this impossible challenge. Some streets connected and others did not 🙁 )

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