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Identify Triggers To Ease Pain In Your Daily Business Processes

When we say “business processes” there are probably a dozen or more painful parts of your Daily Business Processes in your organization that come to mind.

What if we told you there are a few easy ways to improve these Daily Business Processes and boost efficiency?

Joints in your daily processes can cause inefficiencies. Just like the body where the bendable joints like elbows and knees can be fragile, your company has specific frail junctions too. These joints in your business are parts of your processes that require hands on attention. The human element of these tasks can be daunting and tedious. It can be difficult to attend to them consistently. Some companies find that cross training and sharing in these types of daily or weekly tasks helps break up the monotony, but how can you identify these tasks and ease the pain?

About Daily Business Processes. Processes in your business can be formal and informal. The formal processes are fully documented and have fixed procedures in place to ensure success. These are things like invoicing and computer support. Formal processes are generally created to safeguard your business from legal or financial repercussions. Informal processes are more likely to be those created off the cuff. They are items that may not be written out anywhere and everyone may complete them a bit differently. Things like client follow-up, meeting requests, marketing, or human resource duties can be informal duties that must be done must have clear documentation.

The importance of efficiency. Efficiency is defined as the state or being of working in a well-organized or competent way. Processes are considered efficient when they prevent the wasteful use of resources. These resources can include physical items, money or even your time. Efficient processes in your Daily Business Processes mean more profitable operations. Processes that are broken can be extremely painful for your colleagues, customers and vendors. This can create bottlenecks that put undue strain on your business relationships and increase costs.

Identify inefficiencies with a “team” approach. Believe it or not, you have what you need to start improving your business processes right now. Your people are your best resource to identify the pain points in your organization that need attention. They are also the best place to start when brainstorming new ideas to improve efficiencies. Take time to sit down as a team and sort through the issues. Allow everyone to communicate their opinions, share their experiences, and take notes. With the advancements in technology these days, you will find that many of the processes your team identifies that fail your business can be automated with new software or a new piece of equipment.

A shinny new solution. After you’ve dug into the issues and analyzed the affected areas, you’re ready to redesign the process and acquire resources to implement change. Improving your business processes won’t be easy. Making changes to existing systems and procedures is hard and will undoubtedly require coaching for your team and may create a learning curve for your clients. Be patient. A shinny new solution won’t bring instant relief, but long-term improvements.

Have a Daily Business Processes or pain points you want to streamline?

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