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January 2015 Newsletter

Volume 38 – January 2015 Newsletter is now available!

  • Captchas – Why are they always so hard to enter?
    • Have you ever wondered why CAPTCHA codes are so hard to enter? Cheaters
      can use bots to enter sweepstakes for them or vote for their contest entries,
      exploiting code to enter more often than the rules allow. But don’t CAPTCHA
      codes prevent bots from being used on sweepstakes forms?


  • 5 tips to effective disaster recovery?
    • As a business owner you must be constantly aware of threats to your business. One of the best ways to mitigate many of these dangers is to develop and implement a Disaster Recovery Plan. In order to help ensure that your business is ready to recover from any disaster.


  • Is a expired antivirus really such a big deal?
    • If you want to keep your business data and systems secure it is essential that you have an antivirus or malware scanner installed on every system. While the install rates of these programs in businesses is nearly 100%, there is an increasing trend where some companies are letting their subscriptions expire. So, if your antivirus subscription expires is this really a big deal?


  • The Tech Tweak that helped Australia’s customs detector Dogs
    • The Australian Customs And Border Protection Service maintains a squadron of detector dogs to help identify illegal imports. Dogs might be a low-tech solution, but a recent “technology update” has significantly improved the breeding program for the service.


  • Microsoft to close online clip art and replace it with bing image search. :[ 
    • THE humble and indisputably cheesy Clip Art is about to get punched out, with Microsoft announcing it is shutting down the online library and turning to the web.


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