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Newsletter August 2015

  • WOOHOO!! Windows 10 HAS arrived! The day is here: Windows 10’s July 29 launch. And if you haven’t been participating in Microsoft’s Windows Insider previews, you have a single, simple question: Should I upgrade to Windows 10? If you’re looking for the short version, here you go.


  • Windows 10 upgrade: Who should do it, who could wait…


  • Switch on ‘Do Not Track’ to stop websites following your every move: A new ‘Do Not Track’ browser option proposed by a group led by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) would stop websites and advertisers from tracking users through cookies, fingerprints, and super cookies.


  • Windows 10- GOOD OR BAD? We are excited about Windows 10: a free upgrade for virtually all Windows users, and one that will bring with it a raft of new features and functionality. But there are some down sides to the Windows 10 upgrade, and it is likely to be a tough one to avoid. In this article we outline the five worst Windows 10 sacrifices. You will miss them when they are gone.


  • Charge your phone in six minutes with MIT ‘egg and yolk’ battery.
    Researchers have created a new type of battery that promises ultra-fast charging.


  • These smart home hubs put your house at risk of hacking. Three popular smart home products. Hackers could take over your home by exploiting serious flaws in at least three smart devices on the market today. Criminals could discover when you have left home, change your alarm settings, open locks, access LANs and even hijack smart hubs to launch DDoS attacks.


  • DogSync- An App To Help Your Family Keep Track Of Feeding Fido- Designed for pet-loving households, DogSync (a recent winner of our patent-pending TC Radio pitch-off) is a task manager that helps families communicate and sync tasks like feeding, walking or letting out Fido.


  • The hacked and the furious- University of California researches have demonstrated a way that hackers could access an insurance black box fitted in a car and use it to control the brakes and windscreen wipers.