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Who is Black Knight IT?


Black Knight IT specializes in keeping critical computer and IT systems up, running and problem free for small business owners like you. Unfortunately, many of the companies we meet with DON’T have a reliable backup and disaster recovery system in place and are “hoping” that their current tape backup will work when they need it.

And since fewer than 10% of small and medium business owners have a solid disaster recovery plan in place, we’re making it our personal mission to educate as many Brisbane business owners as possible about the dangers of not having a rock solid offsite backup and disaster recovery plan for their data and critical IT systems.


3 Essentials Your Backup System Must Have

 Critical Element #1: Secure, Encrypted Offsite Backup

While we recommend that you have onsite backup, it’s absolutely critical to keep an encrypted copy of your data offsite as well. If a fire burns your office to the ground – or a thief breaks in and steals your server and equipment – or a natural disaster floods your office or makes it impossible to access your PCs and server, the onsite backup will be useless to you. And copying your data to a tape drive or other device and carrying it home every night isn’t the safest or smartest system either. Data needs to be encrypted to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands – and if you are storing “sensitive” data (like credit card numbers, financial documents, medical records and information or even client e-mail addresses and information) on an unencrypted portable device you may find yourself having a VERY uncomfortable conversation with your clients about…


…how you exposed their data to an identity thief or hacker.


 Critical Element #2: A Data Recovery And Disaster Recovery Plan

A HUGE mistake many business owners make is thinking that data backup is the same as disaster recovery – it’s not. Many business owners are shocked to find out just how long and arduous the process is to get all their data back after a disaster – and that’s IF they have a good, clean copy of ALL their data (most are surprised to find out they don’t). Just having a copy of your data isn’t enough; you need to have a plan in place to get everything restored quickly, which is something that tape drives and other physical backup devices don’t offer.


 Critical Element #3: Test Restores

After you have a good backup system in place, you need to test it regularly to make sure it works. Point is, there’s something wrong if you aren’t doing this simple check at least once a month (possibly more for more critical data). If your current IT company or person is not doing this, you can’t have any confidence in your current backup system.