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Security Tip For Your Roaming Workspace

When your laptop is your desk and your mobile is your work phone, do you really need a corner office? Probably not, but you do need security.

Wandering workers.  Some CEOs say they don’t need a corner office, hence the new trend of the wandering boss. At the San Francisco headquarters of Indiegogo, each of its 130 employees has a desk. Slava Rubin, the CEO, isn’t one of them. “I want to show I’m available. I love to pop into discussions and hear that unfiltered information,” Rubin says. According to Fortune.com, he has walking meetings and uses his iPhone to delegate tasks and stay engaged.

Some top execs work alongside rank-and-file employees in open-plan offices. Scott Heiferman, CEO of Meetup.com doesn’t have a desk. Nor does HubSpot co-founder and COO JD Sherman. However, this doesn’t stop them from running successful organizations. So, what is the secret?

Secure your devices.  If you use a mobile office setup make sure to turn off your public network sharing options, use a Firewall, and antivirus protection. Just because your laptop isn’t always on your network, doesn’t mean it’s not a threat to your organization. Make sure you run regular updates and patches on your machine to maintain your workstation.

Another overlooked Security Tips – Remember that phones and tablets can become infected too. These types of devices also need regular attention. Use a password protection program like LastPass that you can use on all your devices to keep your log-in information safe even when you’re using a Wi-Fi hotspot. In addition, make sure your devices are updated and have antivirus protection too. Infections from your tablet and phone can wiggle into your business.

Even for a mobile office, it can be difficult to remember the necessary precautions in business, but you have to keep your security high for the best success. What can you do to maintain security? A few key Security Tips can go a very long way…

For example, what is your password like? If you have a password that is difficult to crack, it becomes one of the best assets to your network. If a threat can bypass your password, they can do a lot of damage to your business.

Another Security Tip – How do you set a password? Use complex characters that include both uppercase and lowercase letters. You should also include numbers and symbols to make it harder to guess.

Another Security Tip is to check to see if you have the latest security patches. You want to update as soon as possible because it fills the gap on vulnerabilities and malware that can invade your system. Your security depends on improving the infrastructure.

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