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Do you want your computer system to just work?

Are you a small business owner who is fed up with computer and network problems that cause disruption and downtime when you just need to run your business?


Backup and Disaster Recovery: are you prepared for the worst

Help prevent your technology frustrations, as well as the potential the accidents and disasters that threaten your business. A Disaster Recovery, Data Backup and Business Continuity Solution from Black Knight will allow you to stay on track, no matter what comes your way.

Let our IT Consultants show you how to use your technology as a tool for success, as opposed to a constant source of stress and worry.

We can show you how to proactively manage your entire IT network, which means you won’t have to worry about your technology and instead focus on the important thing: running your business.

Get more out of your technology with the expert advice of a Black Knight IT Consultant.

Our Services

Backup and Disaster recovery security Solutions

Black Knight provides expert backup solutions to protect your business from the accidents and disasters that threaten it.

Cloud Services and Hosted Solutions

The integrity of a brick and mortar building is largely dependent on a solid, structural foundation. Integrity in the cloud is no different.

Computer Managed IT Services in Brisbane?

Black Knight offers a variety of IT support programs for Brisbane and surrounding areas: including the BusinessCare Support service or a fix on demand service

Hardware as a Service

The Hardware as a Service program offered by Black Knight IT is an effective way to ease your frustrations over the regular need for up-to-date equipment and operating systems as well as its effect on your budget.

Internet & Network Consulting Services

Whether it is a simple network connection of an advanced multi-site network, our team of experts can help you create an effect Internet connectivity solution.

IT Consulting Services

Do you constantly stress over frustrating technology issues like how to turn your technology into an asset, rather than a liability? Let our IT Consultants show you how to use your technology as a tool for success, as opposed to a constant source of stress and worry.

IT Security Support

As more and more businesses are becoming dependent on electronic data and communications, the security of your information is increasingly crucial.

Telecommunication Solutions with VoIP

The global convergence of Internet, video and mobile technologies and the drive for business agility and productivity has set the stage for explosive growth of both video conferencing and VoIP.

I need… IT Support!

When you call a Black Knight helpdesk for IT support, your problem will be logged, analysed and assigned to an appropriate helpdesk technician who can quickly and confidently solve your issue.
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I need… Security Solutions!

Our outsourced IT support can help keep e-commerce websites safe, stop denial of service attacks (DoS), track wireless threats, manage wireless security and even ensure interstate offices are able to work both collaboratively and securely.
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I need… Disaster Recovery!

No one likes to lose the smallest amount of data. However, it can happen. Black Knight IT can help with the recovery process help get you back on your feet as soon. We can also help you prevent a data recovery from ever needing to be done again.
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