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If a disaster hit your business today, would it be able to survive?

Backup and Disaster recovery

Black Knight IT’s consulting services can help prevent your technology frustrations…

Black Knight provides expert backup solutions to protect your business from the accidents and disasters that threaten it. Our data backup and computer hard drive backup solutions give you the power to soldier on, no matter what comes your way.

Think of the worst case scenario: imagine if your network was down for days and you couldn’t access e-mail or the information on your PC. Imagine a natural disaster: a major storm, flood, fire or virus destroyed your office and your server?

Black Knight IT can assist in creating a customised disaster recovery plan or a business continuity plan.

It does depend on the circumstances: but backing up data securely offsite on a daily basis is enough for most businesses. For others, they may require a full business continuity strategy.

disaster recovery solution

Your business may require a backup strategy for your computers hard drive, or a disaster recovery and business continuity plan. You may need virtual data recovery, file data recovery, or even remote and off-site data backup. No matter the issue, you can depend on a Black Knight IT Backup and Disaster Recovery solution to fit your needs.

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Stay profitable when IT disasters strike

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What are online backup solutions?

With a Disaster Recovery Plan & Business Continuity Plan, businesses need to ensure that a proper data and system backup solution is in place. There are many different ways to implement a backup solution, with one of the most common being online or cloud-based backup… [… Read more]


3 business backup options

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4 Disaster recovery trends

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How devastating would
a disaster be?

What if a major storm, flood, or fire destroyed your office and all of your files? Or if a virus wiped out your server…do you have an emergency recovery plan in place that you feel confident in?

Could you recover?

If you do not have good answers to the above questions or a rock-solid disaster recovery plan in place, you are quite literally playing Russian roulette with your business. With the number of threats constantly growing, it’s not a matter of if you will have a problem, but rather a matter of when.

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