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Have you ever lost an hour of work on your computer?

 Data Recovery


Do you have a Data Recovery plan in place- just in case the worst thing possible happens?
What would happen if you lost all of your client database, financial records, and all of the work files your company has ever produced or compiled? 

What if your network was down for days and you couldn’t access e-mail or the information on your PC. Imagine a natural disaster: a major storm, flood, fire or virus destroyed your office and your server?

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Black Knight IT can assist in creating a customised disaster Data Recovery plan.

Black Knight IT provides top Data Recovery services to a range of business professionals based in Brisbane, Sydney, Toowoomba, Gold/Sunshine Coast and Ipswich. The one thing they all have in common: none of them like losing the smallest amount of data. However, sometimes accidents happen that are beyond your control.

Not only can Black Knight IT protect your company in your time of need and help with the Data Recovery process, we will also help you put together a program to help reduce the risk of a disaster reoccurring .

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How devastating would a disaster be?

Or, what if a major storm, flood, or fire destroyed your office and all of your files? Or if a virus wiped out your server…do you have an emergency recovery plan in place that you feel confident in?

How quickly could you recover?

If you do not have good answers to the above questions or a rock-solid disaster recovery plan in place, you are quite literally playing Russian roulette with your business. With the number of threats constantly growing, it’s not a matter of if you will have a problem, but rather a matter of when.

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Could your business survive a disaster as it stands today? Let us show you how Disaster Recovery and Data Backup can help you achieve your goals. 

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