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Innovate and grow with the Cloud...

Cloud computing

Capture new opportunities and gain a competitive advantage with Cloud Computing.

For businesses that want to capture new opportunities and gain a competitive advantage, Black Knight can provide end-to-end solutions that scale up or down as needed. We integrate with network, mobility and consulting services so that you can focus on what matters- innovating, growing and giving customers a great experience.

Research shows that transitioning to cloud solutions can save your organisation 25 per cent on IT infrastructure, energy and in-house resources over the initial three-year period. But cloud computing services are not just about cost-savings – the best cloud computing providers offer business transformation.

cloud solutions

Keep in mind that there is no “perfect” one-size-fits-all cloud solution for every business. All options have upsides and downsides. Which option is best for your business has to be determined on a case-by-case basis based on your company’s needs and business requirements.  

Black Knight can help you through this cloud solution process and provide you with:


Flexible, scalable and secure server solutions to suit your business requirements.


Backup & Archiving

Ensure business continuity with reliable options you can backup your business on.

Security Applications

The best cloud computing services don’t outsource their security. Protect your business from the threat of viruses, spyware and hackers without the need for complicated on-site software or hardware. When you sign up for Black Knights cloud computing services, you have the option of data monitoring and protection through our own in-house team of security experts who employ the best cloud solutions practices available.


Tailored Solutions:

Our professional staff team can evaluate your infrastructure and cloud computing services readiness and create a transition plan that considers your business goals. We can also support your organisation on its journey to cloud solutions by virtualising your server and desktop environments and managing effective mobility strategies.

Peace of Mind

With your data centre hosted locally with Black Knight: you don’t have to worry about your organisation’s data being scattered across another continent or becoming subjected to foreign privacy laws – a potential concern when you choose many other cloud computing providers.

We can integrate with your Systems:

The best cloud computing services can be integrated with customer systems located on or off premise. Below are just a few of the features you can expect from a Black Knight cloud solution.

Black Knight provides full end-to-end management of your infrastructure in our cloud computing services through our Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering.

4 t ypes of cloud

black cloud solutions

In a pure cloud, all your applications and data are put on the other side of the firewall (in the cloud) and accessed via the Internet through various devices (laptops, desktops, iPads, phones). The key benefit of a pure cloud approach is that it’s easy to implement, scalable and very well suited to organisations that don’t possess in-house IT department skills.


Although “pure” cloud computing has valid applications, for many it’s downright scary. In some cases Hybrid is a better decision due to compliance issues, security restrictions or performance issues. Hybrid will enable you to put certain pieces of existing IT infrastructure (say, storage and e-mail) in the cloud, and the remainder of the IT infrastructure stays on-premise. This gives you the ability to enjoy the cost savings and benefits of cloud computing where it makes the most sense without risking your entire environment.

point solutions

A point solution just puts certain applications, like SharePoint or Microsoft Exchange, in the cloud while keeping everything else on-site. Since e-mail is usually a critical application that everyone needs and wants access to on the road and on various devices (iPad, smart phone, etc.), this solution is often a great way to get the advanced features of Microsoft Exchange without the cost of installing and supporting your own in-house Exchange server.

public cloud

A public cloud is a service that anyone can tap into with a network connection and a credit card. They are shared infrastructures that allow you to pay-as-you-go and are managed through a self-service web portal. Private clouds are essentially self-built infrastructures that mimic public cloud services, but are on-premise. Private clouds are often the choice of companies who want the benefits of cloud computing but don’t want their data held in a public environment.


Why move to the Cloud:

The cloud isn't just an IT solution; it's a way of working that can change the way you do business and meet your customers' needs.

Access high performance
secure services: 

You can manage your cloud, mobility and network services safe in the knowledge our data centres and applications are fully supported and secure.

Take your workforce

You can connect your people so they can collaborate and share through integrated connectivity, security and flexible compute power.

Do more with less

: Leverage cloud technology to the increase productivity and drive cost reductions.

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