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Server and storage

Your servers need to be available
and running at all times…

… but you also would like to direct your budget
and resources to revenue-focused projects… We can help!

You want your servers running and available at all times. But you also want to direct your budget and resources to revenue-focused projects. With Black Knight, we take on board that day-to-day management of your servers and you receive flexible performance with predictable monthly costs that include hardware, software and management.

– You receive guaranteed, flexible performance with monthly costs: this includes hardware software and management.
– Day-to-day management: includes proactive monitoring and reporting on server activity.

Black Knight’s team of qualified technicians will help you develop a strong and reliable technology base; whether you’re looking for a small business server, mid-level setup or an enterprise storage array and data centre, the Black Knight team will be able to work with you to configure and maintain a tailored solution.

Server and Storage:

Managing servers effectively requires technology: which normally means you have to spend money to buy it, implement it and maintain it. This can become quite an expensive exercise, particularly when your continued business success relies on the performance, availability and reliability of your server and storage infrastructure.

With Black Knights server management packages, you get both the technology and the expertise. As we invest in the latest equipment from leading vendors, you are guaranteed to achieve availability and consistence performance for business critical servers. Also, the packages vary to suit the business: from simple monitoring to a fully outsourced solutions, Black Knight can serving all customer segments and sizes from small businesses to multi-national companies.


Black Knight can:

provide infrastructure hardware, operating systems and other software and warranty services for servers, desktops, laptops, routers, switches, and firewalls.”

How we do it

Black Knight IT provides Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) services that can simplify using your technology and let your Brisbane, Queensland, Sydney and NSW business finally enjoy the benefits of IT Outsourcing

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