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Internet and Network

From a simple network connection to an advanced multi-site network, our team of experts can help you with our Network Consulting Services to create the perfect Network connectivity solution.

Whether you are interested in a Private Networking, weighing up all the types of Fibre, Ethernet and Wireless and trying to decide what is best for your business, or looking into improving your network security, Black Knight IT can act a trusted IT advisor to Black Knight can help make these decisions as easy as possible with our Network Consulting Services!

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Secure Google accounts with Two-step verification

Google Apps is one of the best ways to do this is to enable two-step verification, which requires users to enter a code and password when they log in. To strengthen security even further, Google has introduced a new method of two-step verification which is carried out via a USB key. [… Read more]


How to protect your email account

If you think your email is fully protected from hackers, think again. A lack of sufficient email security measures can result in data theft, unauthorized access to sensitive information and the invasion of your computer by viruses and malware.

Is email security hopeless? Are we looking at the end of the Internet’s killer app? [… Read more]


CryptoWall – the next security threat

Last year saw a number of highly publicized security threats that many companies struggled to deal with. One of those was some nasty malware called Cryptolocker, which held your files for ransom. While this has now largely been dealt with, news is surfacing of a second version – called CryptoWall – that has begun to infect users. [… Read more]


Security flaw hits Internet Explorer

For many businesses, the browser is one of the most important pieces of software you can install on your computer.

Many Windows users stick with Internet Explorer (IE) because it is automatically installed on all Windows computers. However, those who use this browser should be aware of a recent security flaw.[… Read more]


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  • The various types of cloud computing options you have (there is more than just one).
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