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All your Network Security needs

Without a doubt, attacks against networks are increasing at an alarming rate. This is a huge concern, especially if you are the one trying to manage the increase of devices, traffic, cloud-based services, and evolving security threats. As such, Black Knight can provide network security solutions that can help protect your entire infrastructure, from the data centre to the core network, and scale to perform under demanding conditions.

By using an intelligent network services framework, Black Knight can give you security solutions that traditional firewalls and software solutions do not offer, including:

Protect, keep track and consolidate all of your your 3G and 4G services infrastructure.
Gain the flexibility to manage evolving threats. In some cases, attacks that in three years will assault your network will not even exist today!
Ensure your service availability with a multi-level security framework that ensures high service availability despite the increase in varied attacks.
Scalable to defend against large attacks, and protect your data centre from different DDoS-style attacks and defend your core network against SYN flood and port scan attacks.
Reduce deployment and operational costs, using less physical hardware which will result in reduced capital and operational expenses.


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