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Private Networking Solutions

Private Networks (IP WAN) link multiple organisation office locations under a single network. Private Networks provide unlimited traffic between sites, traffic optimisation and prioritisation for critical business applications and services.  It is perfect network foundation for an organisation with File and Application sharing, Intranets & IP Telephony, Remote Desktop Services and Multiple locations.

What are the benefits?

  • High Performance: With speed options available (up to 1Gbps), Private networking services are ideal for business with challenging connectivity and performance requirements.
  • Ethernet Network: An Ethernet provides a great connectivity platform for IP Telephony, Intranets, Remote desktop users and Disaster Recovery.
  • Centralise Costs & Management: By using a Private Network, not only do you centralise your network connectivity costs, but you also in the process remove the hassle of managing different network providers for each branch office.
  • Shared Application Services & Remote Computing. Private networks can provide a fast and reliable network platform for shared application services; allowing employees to get access to corporate network applications while out of the office or in remote branch offices.
  • Traffic Routing & Security. As all network traffic can be securely and privately routed to its destination, this allows Black Knight to removing performance and security issues associated with traditional public networks. This leads to a more secure environment then a traditional network.

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