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Managed IT Services

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BusinessCare Managed IT Services by Black Knight IT helps
give your IT a continuous service health check.

How would your business survive with no access to PCs or laptops?

If your server went down, what would be the impact on your business?

The Solution

BusinessCare Managed IT Services consists of three services – Monitoring, Maintenance and Support that can be built up over time to fully protect your PCs, Laptops, Servers and other IT equipment in your organisation…

Black Knight IT is a managed service provider who can
monitor, maintain and
support your organisation


  • 24/7 health check
  • Identify issues early on
  • Keep your business running
  • Check the status of your workstation 24/7
  • Build a picture of each workstation
  • Work undertaken remotely

  • Automatic patches and updates
  • Improve PC performance
  • Provide updates and upgrades
  • Allows work to be carried out remotely to schedule
  • Virtual technician – no need for a extra person in the office

  • Combines monitoring and maintenance
  • Extensive to monitoring and maintenance service
  • Ideal for companies with no in-house team.
  • Eliminates downtime
  • Helpdesk support
  • On-site Support
  • If your company is in need of network management, computer network installation, IT management services, computer network maintenance services, network consulting and integration services, network and server support, computer server management service, wireless networking, on-site & remote support, or IT support consulting – Black Knight has the Managed IT Services solution.


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    Managed Services demystified
    Managed Services demystifiedFor those who need a better understanding of just how Managed Services can benefit a business, today we’re going to demystify it all. Here is the explanation you’ve been waiting for.
    Why Managed Services boost productivity
    Why Managed Services boost productivityWhen it comes to IT, Managed Services take preventative measures to ensure your IT is always running at its optimal level, so that you don’t suffer technology breakdowns or distractions that blow your focus – preventing you and your staff from getting any work done.

    Growing from small-to-
    medium business

    Making that jump from being a small to medium business is often difficult, and you don’t have to do it all on your own. Stop letting out dated, inefficient and unreliable technology prevent your business from getting where it wants to be.

    Low rates

    As part of both our BusinessCare managed service and Fix-on-demand service, Black Knight offers extremely low flat rates to cover all your IT requirements including your computer network maintenance and IT Management services …

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    Managed Services provide you with a fixed monthly IT expense, so you can depend on both your technology and a predictable budget without costly surprises. Request your free assessment.

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