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IT can be complex, but there’s one thing everyone agrees on: protecting your company’s data is absolutely critical.

Consider a IT Security Support solution from Black Knight IT today!
As more and more businesses are becoming dependent on electronic data and communications, the security of your information is increasingly crucial. Black Knight has the experience to get the right security procedures in place without unnecessary complication or cost. This gives smaller businesses the flexibility to grow fast without tripping up.

Many organisations do not recognise all the threats to the IT in your company. Yet they are everywhere! It could include direct financial loss, for example: unauthorised access to online banking and supplier web sites. You could also suffer damage to your reputation through defacing of your web page, or loss of business if you’re an e-commerce operator.

Business owners often forget this issues or simply assume that a firewall will block all their unwanted traffic and keep their organisation safe. However, this is a myth. Many times, attacks from within your own network can actually be more common, and wireless security is almost always overlooked. This is where Black Knight can shine: our work can range from keeping e-commerce websites safe from denial of service attacks(DoS), track wireless threats, to ensuring interstate offices are able to work both collaboratively and securely.

Black Knight IT offers long-term security advice and services to all our customers, as well as keeping security as the priority in all our everyday monitoring and maintenance.

With a IT Security Consulting program from, Black Knight IT, you get :

Detailed securityassessments, testing and server hardening. Antivirus measures for your email, servers, computers, laptops and mobile devices.
A team of experts to tackle specific threats in your sector. Intrusion detection systems for networks.
Security built into all your processes. Data encryption for servers and laptops.

Rest easy, assured that your IT is safe and secure…


There is one thing everyone agrees on: protecting your company's information is absolutely critical.

Growing from a small-to-
medium business

Making that jump from being a small to medium business is often difficult, and you don’t have to do it all on your own. Stop letting out dated, inefficient and unreliable technology prevent your business from getting where it wants to be.

Why Security

There is one thing everyone agrees on: protecting your company's information is absolutely critical

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As part of both our BusinessCare managed service and Fix-on-demand service, Black Knight offers extremely low flat rates to cover all your IT requirements including your computer network maintenance and IT Management services …

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