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It is essential to purchase a Antivirus software for every computer in your organisation.

Most computer users understand that despite computers being incredibly useful, they can pose a huge security risk….But why do these same computer users continue to assume that that slow, buggy antivirus program will keep their business safe and secure?

While a security breach for personal users can be serious, it is potentially even more so for businesses. That is why when it comes to company use, those in charge NEED to make sure that their systems are secure. The problem is that this is usually seen to be not only but a drain on time and other valuable resources.

 Stopping viruses, spam, malware and dubious material is an essential task for all modern business technology. Even if these distractions do not pose a critical security threat, they can simply slow down your technology systems and distract your staff unnecessarily. Our antivirus systems are commercially available and is managed by us to keep your protection up-to-date without any effort from you.



Benefits of a Black Knight to antivirus protection

Black Knight uses a range of leading enterprise-level systems that are not available to smaller businesses, offering greater protection and security. A specialist team helps you avoid downtime by monitoring these systems, keeping them up-to-date and ensuring problems are identified early and we can commence swift action.

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Fully managed services

The usual IT standard is the ‘install and forget’ approach. The organisation assumes that every computer is updating itself with the latest virus definitions for effective protection. To get past this organisational challenge, Black Knight does things differently. We use a combination of enterprise systems combined with remote monitoring tools which lets us quickly fix computers that are not updating and pose a risk to your business.

Web protection –

One often forgotten cause of viruses to attacks your organisation is the web: and this is not limited to downloading from unsavoury sites. More and more recently, viruses are popping up into ‘good’ web pages that install themselves when you visit them. As part of a Black Knight BusinessCare package, we offer a product that filters your web traffic and blocks unscrupulous content.


Security for your network:
what are the issues?

Viruses and associated 'malware' are commonly used as a way to infiltrate your computer systems, steal data, stop your business operations and overall causing havoc. With a best case scenario: your computers slow down, at worst your business is brought to its knees.

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