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Application Monitoring


Application monitoring has never been easier!

IT infrastructure has only grown in complexity over the past few years. While networks have become faster and more capable, applications have become more complex to troubleshoot.

In the past, Client server applications were relatively easy to troubleshoot. After a user reported a slow-down, it was the client, the network, or the application server. Today’s IT infrastructure often includes multiple tiers of applications (e.g., web servers, databases, middleware applications, etc.) that work with one another to deliver services to the end-users. To effectively manage such infrastructures, it is important to monitor each and every application tier.

Black Knight can work with businesses to empower IT operations and support staff by providing information that helps them understand the impact of application issues in business terms. Black Knight’s service offering of can be provisioned promptly and provide fast time value to ensure smarter decisions at the right time.


We offer Application monitoring performance services including:
application monitoring

Infrastructure Monitoring

Black Knight can provide consistent management for all diverse operating systems by monitoring the infrastructure that supports your critical applications from every perspective, including operating systems, networks, virtual servers and virtual machines. Our infrastructure monitoring solution helps you link all the disparate parts of your IT environment as one centralized platform.

Virtual Server Management

Reduce hardware costs and diagnose/fix problems faster with increased visibility into VMware, Hyper-V, and Red Hat environment performance management issues. Black Knight offers a solution for virtual server monitoring and capacity management provides powerful virtual infrastructure monitoring, capacity planning, service management and chargeback.


Database Monitoring and Management

Black Knight can provide database monitoring tools to allow simplified, reliable performance monitoring and management across varied database platforms. This helps business owners reduce administrative costs and improve service levels.

End User Experience Management

Black Knight can manage the user experience from multiple perspectives allowing you to manage performance SLAs by detecting, isolating and resolving response time issues, and capturing and replaying real user interactions to understand how application design and configuration are affecting them.


Virtual Desktop Diagnostics and Monitoring

Virtual desktop technologies are a huge leap of faith for businesses accustomed to using physical desktops. In the past, diagnosing performance and availability issues was extremely challenging; until now, there have been few monitoring and diagnostics products for virtual desktop environments. Black Knight virtual desktop solution uses a few well established diagnostics application tools to ensure your virtual desktops continue to run without a problem.

Help Desk and Support

When you call a Black Knight for technical help, your problem will be logged, analysed and assigned to an appropriate technician to solve your problem. We find we can fix well over 90% of problems remotely as our support technicians are trained in a wide range of technical fields and can quickly and confidently fix most issues you come across

Monitoring of software
should not be forgotten

After the initial installation. Instead, ongoing monitoring enables applications to be managed and updates across all these areas: profitability, customer experience, SLA commitments and performance levels.

This is why Black Knight monitoring has become so important to business success.

Application monitoring is
more challenging than

Applications can be monitored using active and passive monitoring approaches.
Active monitoring involves emulating accesses to the application and measuring its performance, while passive monitoring involves observing the application behaviour and analysing its performance.

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