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Security Management: are you prepared for the worst?

Corporate Security Management strategies in today’s environment should be as flexible as possible, while maintaining effective security controls to protect your organisation. This Management plan, along with your Security Policy, should provide the direction to develop a security framework that will allow the addition of new technologies within your environment to support new e-commerce initiatives.

Over the past 10 years, Black Knight has developed extensive experience in the management of security for both small and large clients. For many businesses across Brisbane, Black Knight is responsible for the development, set up and maintenance of IT Security policies and procedures, as well as accountable for the provision of security services to protect the integrity and security of these IT systems from unauthorised access, alteration and attacks.

Black Knight is available to help you to develop a comprehensive Information Security strategy that balances the people, processes and technology. In doing this, we aim to introduce a secure, flexible security framework that will both reduce risk and improve operational efficiencies and manageability of your corporate IT environment.

Following the strategy, Black Knight can assist further by developing a roadmap that will define the action plan required for the implementation of your security strategy, defining the organisational structure (roles and responsibilities), strategic project initiatives, detailed project plans and timelines and project inter-dependencies to effectively manage the transition with minimal impact on normal business operations.

Black Knight IT can also undertake proactive investigation into reported security breaches.

Are you prepared for the worst?

Do you have a comprehensive Information Security strategy should things go terribly wrong? If not, consider giving us a call!

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