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Spam Email is a common threat to most computer users...


The smart way to protect and preserve email…

Email is an amazing tool that you love… but spam email is a hidden threat that could destroy your business!

Spam: either you have already encountered it or you do not use email.

Email is an amazing business communication tool and a source your business has come to rely on: as well as an easy target for spam email, viruses, phishing, and other malware. Many small businesses are unaware of just what these risks are and they may have no idea that they may be subject to the same legal and compliance requirement as large businesses when it comes to their email records.

To ensure your spam email protection, Black Knight uses the industry-standard anti-spam services. These are similar to the solutions used by many banks and multinationals (utilising multiple scanners and predictive technology to protect against all viruses – even including new and unseen variants). By using this, we make sure your email is clean before it reaches your infrastructure, which takes a huge load off your servers.

With a Security program from, Black Knight IT, you get :

spam email
Detailed security assessments, testing and server hardening. Antivirus measures for your email, servers, computers, laptops and mobile devices.
A team of experts to tackle specific threats in your sector. Intrusion detection systems for networks.
Security built into all your processes. Data encryption for servers and laptops.

With Black Knight Spam email prevention tools you can rest easy, assured that your email is safe and secure from SPAM…

Multi-layered protection

unfortunately attacks can come from many directions, requiring multiple layers and types of protection. Many antivirus companies claim to cover all avenues, but they often don't. This is where the firewall comes in: as the last level of defence against a virus or cyber threat.

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