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Web Filtering

Manage your staff’s internet usage easily and securely, with tools to restrict the times or types of access.

Using the internet for personal reasons, or visiting dangerous sites, can be very unproductive for a business. Facebook, email and Twitter have a habit of eating into your staff’s productivity. We can make it simple to deploy solutions that reduce legal liability, boost your productivity, and conserve precious bandwidth for business activities.

This is where Black Knight web filtering plan comes in: our systems block sites that are known to be bad and filter web content to defend against compromised ones.

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Defend against subtle attacks on your IT security
The most common means of attacking a company’s IT security is now through web sites. Web pages can hold viruses, password stealers, and other malware, and can install them without the user noticing. While you can spot some disreputable sites a mile away ( those with adult or illegal content), but the problem often occurs when the latest generation of hackers attack some very reputable and high profile sites, sometimes booby-trapping them for unsuspecting visitors.
Offer flexible monitoring of your internet usage.
Whilst most companies don’t want to restrict staff completely from personal internet usage, many organisations want to limit it to ‘appropriate’ levels. Our web filtering system can be set to restrict access to certain sites during certain hours, apply different rules to different people or computers, or set quotas. This can cover browsing web sites, chatting on instant messenger clients, or even Twittering.
Set specific sites, times, or types of usage controlled.
Applying appropriate controls on your staff’s use of the internet can eliminate wasted time and allow you to monitor it. These controls can also help avoid tricky HR issues and legal action arising from inappropriate material in the workplace. Restricting your organisations staff from disreputable and compromised web sites can also greatly reduce security risks and downtime from viruses.


There is one thing everyone agrees on: protecting your company's information is absolutely critical.

Growing from a small-to-
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Making that jump from being a small to medium business is often difficult, and you don’t have to do it all on your own. Stop letting out dated, inefficient and unreliable technology prevent your business from getting where it wants to be.

Why Security

There is one thing everyone agrees on: protecting your company's information is absolutely critical

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