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The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Cable Manage Your Business

The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Cable Manage Your Business


When you’re running a business, there’s no shortage of things to manage: time, employees, productivity, budgets… But have you ever thought of cables? Just about every business depends on cables for essentials like data and electricity, the completely wireless computer, like the paperless society, is a utopian fiction of the technological world. Look behind any desk and you’ll likely see messy cables or a rat nest of power and data cables. Yet the business has invested heavily on modern l.T infrastructure and state of the art- office desks just to be LET DOWN by ugly looking and disorganized data & power cables.

  1.  Safety first. When you own or operate a business, it’s up to you to keep the premises up to code and safe for employees and customers. Prevent cable related liabilities like tripping hazard by using floor cord covers to anchor foot snagging cables to the floor. Cord covers offer you twofold protection: they prevent tripping accident around working place, and they also keep valuable cables from being crushed underfoot by pedestrian.
  2.  Cut down on wasted time and frustration. At one time or another, we’ve all wanted to pull our hair out in frustration while trying to untangle and differentiate between computer cords. Likewise, when it comes time to place or perform routine maintenance on network equipment, the last thing you’ll want to be faced with is digging through a web of identical cables to find the one you need! Product like cable flags and Cable Id Tags take the guess work away by neatly identifying each cord, and save you precious time (and sanity) for more worthwhile tasks!
  3.  Save money. Cable management not only provides you with a cleaner and more organized business space. It can also extend the life and maximize the performance of your ICT equipment. Cords that are allowed to pile up on the floor or hang slack behind equipment are likely to suffer damage from crushing or sagging.
  4. Keep your work environment cleaner. Nothing hangs on to dust like piles of tangled cables: just take a look at under your desk! Chances are, those dust balls aren’t enhancing your business but they’re probably making you sneeze! Tackling excess cord length with a products like Cable turtle or cable Bundler, which lift wires and peripheral device off the floor.
  5. Look better to your clients. Always remember that first impression count extra in business! Even if you’re great at what you do, a cluttered and disorganized workspace can give potential business partners the wrong idea. Let’s face it: an office full of messy cables just makes you look bad and water-down on the existing infrastructures investment. Just invest in cable Tamer& Management solution and put your best foot forward.



Cable manager Brochure curvedCable Safe – Under the desk

• Lifts cables, power adapters, power strips, hubs, modems, and other small devices off the floor and safely out of harm’s way

• Makes it easy to sweep or vacuum behind electronics

• Protects equipment from snags, trips, dust build-up, and liquid spills

• Includes everything necessary to organize the typical computer workstation (12 to 14 cables)

• Mounts (clamp) anywhere; at the edge of the desk or through a grommet hole



Cable manager Brochure curvedCable Clamp

Clamp Down on Messy Cables

• Adjustable jaws enclose cables and keep them securely bundled

• Easy open and close for one-hand operation

• Features self-aligning, self-adjusting, and self-locking technology


Cable manager Brochure curvedWire Clips

What’s special about these wire clips?

• Let’s you organize and route wires just about any way you want to

• Adhesive backing sticks firmly to walls, furniture, and equipment

• Latching design lets you repeatedly open and close clips to change cables

• Versatile – perfect for use around the house and at the office

• Easy, “entry-level” solution – a great option for anyone who’s tackling their first cable management project



Cable manager Brochure curvedPre-labelled flags make the most common electronic cables easily and neatly recognizable. Protect your data and equipment and finally troubleshoot with confidence.

• Never pullout the wrong plug again

• Avoid losing your valuable data

• Identify your electronic connection with easeCable manager Brochure curved

• Trouble shoot with confidence

• Create a spare outlet when you need one

• Organize and identify your plugs and cords

• Available in different styles for different cord categories.

Kableflags Computer Cables Pack is predominantly designed to identify cables behind computers but may also be used for the associated power plugs.



What’s special about these cord protectors?Cable manager Brochure curved

• Designed for small applications, up to (4) 114″ (1.9cm) cables

• Hard PVC body provides great protection from foot traffic

• Various colours to match different floor types, including a custom stainable wood finish

• Corne in 36″ (lm) lengths

• Safe to walk on and reduces tripping hazards

• Dual, tacky non-skid rubber backing to secure in place.