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Black Knight IT – www.blackknight.net.au– ph.(07) 3806 6727

Black Knight IT has installed a new remote management tool throughout your network. As part of this change, you may notice a little icon to appear on your icon list- located to the bottom right of your desktop. Don’t panic- this little green alien icon is not a virus going to take over your computer – it is going to be a very useful tool!.

Location of icon (left) and a closer view of the green alien icon (right)

This remote monitoring tool will allow you to create tickets directly by clicking this icon, utilise remote view/send screenshots to our technicians as see all your important system information directly from your desktop.

This green icon will allow a range of support options including screen captures, ticket creation and system info.

To create a new service ticket:

To create a new service ticket- right click on the the little Green Alien dude (named Black Knight IT Support) and click Create Service Ticket.

This will open up a message box, allowing you to directly communicate via email with the Black Knight IT Helpdesk regarding your issue. You can also attach a screenshot (which will take a screenshot of what is on your screen by minimising and reopening the message window) or raising the importance level.

The Create Service Ticket options – including all the usual email fields (From, To, CC, Subject/Body + Attach Screenshot and raise importance)

To view your current Tickets:
After you click send, you can view the status of your ticket via this Messages and Tickets application. You are also able to see responses and update your ticket as required.

The Messages and Tickets Box, which shows all information regarding responses to your current and closed support requests as well as allowing you to make updates to tickets as required.

For more information please contact the Black Knight IT Helpdesk

Other methods of logging tickets still are available- including our web portal (here) phone support line (07) 3806 6717, or by emailing the helpdesk directly at helpdesk@blackknight.net.au.

Phone: (07) 3806 6727 | Web: www.blackknight.net.au | Email: helpdesk@blackknight.net.au

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