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June Newsletter 2015

June 2015 Newsletter.Click-to-Download-Newsletter


  • Stay productive when working remotely: Want more tips on productive habits for remote working? Are you ready to empower your staff with cloud computing to help them along? Read on!
  • Beware of the Killer Robots: According to reports that surfaced this month- development of robots capable not only of killing humans, but also of deciding for themselves whom to kill, is progressing apace, but policy makers aren’t paying enough attention to how — or whether — they should be used.
  • Containers or Virtual Machines? Businesses today rely on their applications and critical documents more than ever before to stay efficient and competitive. What exactly are containers and are they better than virtual machines? Here we take a look at which will best fit your business.
  • Gadget Ogling: The latest in technology- A Mighty Little Amp, a cloud smart watch and a Food Tray Keyboard.
  • Samsung’s ‘Safety Truck’ Screens Oncoming Traffic For Safe Overtaking: Have you ever experienced the frustration of being stuck behind a slow-moving lorry without a good enough view to overtake? Of course you have, but Samsung has come up with a solution.
  • The best iPhone alternatives: DON’T have the money to throw down $1000 on a brand new iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S6? No worries, you still have plenty of options.
  • Go Ask Your Employer For A New Laptop Or Tablet. (Tell Them Joe Hockey Sent You!): Sick of that old laptop or tablet that work gave you? Start drafting an email to who is in charge: it just became cheaper than ever for a small business to buy new gadgets thanks to a fringe benefits tax change in the Federal Budget.